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June 04 2017

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When you're mad but still want to hold hands
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綾波さん、なつ。 | _太子
※Permission was granted by the artist to upload their works.

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I'm not completely sure why, but suddenly Minecraft became a whole lot more interesting to me. Must be loveminecrafty's tumblr. Check it out.

April 21 2017

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Waterfalls pouring onto rocks.
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Some dramatic coastal scenery. Wouldn't jump in here with just my swimsuit, though.
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A beautiful tropical lagoon
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Mountain over a lake

A Few Things I Did Not Want to be When I Grew Up

Art dealer
Probation officer

If I could meet any one person in one of these jobs, it would be a man in his late thirties, who is very rude. He comes from a wealthy background, lives in a terraced house and tends to a huge collection of pot plants.

Some Random Words to Ponder

train exploit loud worm tickle petite beer frustrate

Three Starting Lines for a Story

The first Christmas she could remember was also her best Christmas ever.

As a child, he'd been told dolls were for girls.

He was stunned - the stranger in front of him looked exactly like the girl he'd been dreaming about.

Joshua's Tale

Joshua Middleton sat crouched in an alley. It was midnight. Where is Keri - Josh questioned himself. Keri, Josh's newest case, was a ghost girl. She was supposed to meet Josh in the alley, at midnight. Together, they only had one minute to make it to the Middle Grounds, protected by the only time of night that death took a breather. So where was Keri? Josh checked his watch. She should be here! Suddenly, Josh heard a noise, it was Keri floating above the roof. Josh didn't have time to talk, so he blurted out - "Let's go!" The Middle Grounds were only a mile away, and midnight was the only time Keri could escape to the middle grounds without being carried into the after-life. Keri and Josh took off running, running as quickly as he could manage, they still would never make it. Running at twelve miles an hour, the clock moved to 12:01. Death roared through the city, making Keri and Josh speed up. The grounds were in sight, Keri lept over the border and fell, crying, with joy.

March 11 2017

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This purple mask looks mysterious and wonderful. I should take a screenshot of this. Fancy yodeling at dawn.
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I am one. I am at peace. Did you ever wonder what some story ideas would look like without vowels? So did I.

Can you guess what these are?

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Bright and red swimsuit, adjusting for fit. I miss summer at the beach.

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Quietly bored while sitting in a chair. Thinking deep thoughts, like:

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Do you like my hat?

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September 24 2014


Clash Of Clans Products - The Options

Clash of Clans is the most enjoyed strategy games. It is a game which has new players each day.

If you are one of many recent ones, the following hints will help you out in succeeding in this game.

Defend the Clan Castle and Town Hall

When is a clan war, the winner is going to function as the clan that finishes that war and ends up obtaining the stars. It is because of this that you have to do all you are able to in order to defend your Town Hall. For example, in case you've an attacker who has ruined your entire village, he will not be able to get the 3 stars if the Town Hall has not been destroyed by him. Also, remember to defend the Clan Castle. Put the citadel close to the Town Hall to help it become more easy for you to defend both at a go. The troops in the hall will also escape and start defending the citadel, when you put the fortress near the town hall. Keep in mind that the clan war will be happening in the "virtual" hamlet following the day of preparation. That is after the system has replicated your layout of the hamlet. The layout will likely be utilized throughout the Clan War.

Safety Comes First

Prior to the finish of the groundwork, make sure you have double checked the village layout even for those who have encounter with the game. You may understand which you forgot to make a move in the village, when the war has started and it is advisable to identify any problems and not.

Go For 3 Stars

As earlier said, the Clan which gets the most stars in the end of a war is the winner As such; you need to plan to get three stars on each war. You will receive a star when you ruin 50% of a village, for completely ruining the village, for ruining that village's Town Hall and a third star, one star. Always do your very best to get all three stars to emerge the winner.

Scout the Base of the Enemy watching Replays

After the preparation day is over, you will be given 24 hours to assault. It's in this time frame you should use your lookout feature. Unlike the normal battles in Battle of Families where you might be given 30 seconds to assault, you'll be able to scout and plan strikes in Clan Wars for so long as you want. Use this feature by finding the assaulting strategy that is most acceptable. In case you realize that the target had been formerly attacked, see the replay of the assault to know where the objective has set the snares. Seeing the replay additionally enables you to identify the amount as well as strength .

Use the Weak Points of the Target

Once you've scouted the goal for long enough, assemble an army that can benefit from the weakness and strengths of the target. As an example, if the target has high walls, you may use wall breakers, so make sure that you've some in this kind of situation. You may also need to bring affordable/poor troops who'll trigger the traps set by the objective.
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