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October 14 2018


Videoder Android App for downloadinh YouTube videos

Great tool for downloading videos from YouTube. Ideal for when you can't stay connected for streaming.
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Driving the ATK on the way to an epic battle in Fortnite.

July 14 2018

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Can't. Stop. Playing.
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Fortnite Saturday. I have finished over 20 rounds of 50 v 50 and won more than half. So much carnage!
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Season 5 started and my weekend is suddenly very busy.

January 28 2018

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She sits and waits by the window
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The Amazing Steve from Minecraft

Steve is the main protagonist of the famous video game Minecraft. Very little is known about Steve and who or what it is, where it originated from, what its goal is, and if it's even human.

Steve doesn't have much of a personality nor a real goal on its own. It never talks, all it really does is actions related to the player's choice. He could be a nice generous man, or a sadistic cruel mass homicidal maniac, who has absolutely no morals. He can vary so much that he ties in almost every category. Because Steve is definitely an administrator, he could possibly be considered lawful great. That's because he enforces by the guidelines of Minecraft on all of the Minecraft servers. Or if he's a troll, he is actually a terrorist, the options (that's how it's spelled) are endless.

Steve is with the capacity of carrying over 500 thousand a great deal of materials, and the guy can break wood trunks and rocks very easily along with his punches. And, if plenty of time is taken, actually Diamond and Obsidian could be damaged by Steve's continuous assault. He's even able to destroy zombies and additional beasts only along with his hands (estimation statements he can punch with a push of just one 1 . 7 Kilotons). His very strength reaches his legs, having the ability to leap 1 meter high easily, however , because of Minecraft's gravity being 75% higher than Earths, Steve can leap 1.75 meters high with relative ease.

Steve has demonstrated to have great fight proficiency, having the ability to offer with creatures a lot more powerful or bigger than him easily. He also demonstrated having the ability to defend from arrows utilizing a sword, and also to shoot arrows very significantly.

Steve is quite apt of crafting potions. He can craft curing, fire-protecting, speeding and several other styles of potions.

Steve can craft many products with not a lot of tools, even having the ability to craft pure gemstone blades by just having a crafting desk.

Steve can run in extremely fast speeds for a human being (Can work 9. 225m/s), however , his stamina depletes even more quickly than a normal human being if he keeps working.

Steve can build alone highly complex buildings, such as for example castles and gigantic skyscrapers, provided he has more than enough materials. His building acceleration is very fast, and he can construct a straightforward house in only a matter of minutes.

Steve has a high vitality, having the ability to survive sword blows, explosions, arrow photos to the top, lava submersion, suffocation and drowning.

Steve can survive for a little longer than a normal human being when underwater.

Steve has demonstrated great skill with a sword, having the ability to deflect/defend arrows with a sword, and also to defeat easily other enemies.

Steve can use equipment as weapons, having the ability to wield axes, hoes, pickaxes and shovels efficiently, although not near as his capability with the sword. He in addition has demonstrated to use different guns and present day explosives with professional skill (Pistols, Assault Rifles, Shotguns, Snipers, Grenades, Firebombs, and Smokebombs, which are just available via mods).

Steve can make use of bow and arrows with proficiency, having the ability to strike afar with a bow and also to kill normal pets with just a few arrows.

Steve can strategy complex ways of defeat a lot of his enemies, and he's a specialist at detecting weaknesses. Aswell, he can build complicated traps to numerous types of enemies.

When well-fed, Steve may regenerate quickly from wounds in any other case considered deadly, like sword slashes and being shot at the top by arrows, and actually explosions. However , it really is a sluggish proccess, taking many mere seconds to heal from basic slashes and episodes, and he must be well-fed.

Steve may also expertly trade with villagers, using emeralds while a currency to be able to obtain most types of items.

Steve is a Human being, but a Block Shaped a single. He has DARKISH hair, Blue Eye and Tan Pores and skin. Steve's default clothes includes a Teal T- T-shirt along with Blue Denims and Grey Sneakers, but based on the Participant, he could be personalized with a number of Skins up to the players choice.
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forest of trees
Tags: trees green
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June 04 2017

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When you're mad but still want to hold hands
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綾波さん、なつ。 | _太子
※Permission was granted by the artist to upload their works.

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I'm not completely sure why, but suddenly Minecraft became a whole lot more interesting to me. Must be loveminecrafty's tumblr. Check it out.

April 21 2017

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Waterfalls pouring onto rocks.
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Some dramatic coastal scenery. Wouldn't jump in here with just my swimsuit, though.
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A beautiful tropical lagoon
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Mountain over a lake

A Few Things I Did Not Want to be When I Grew Up

Art dealer
Probation officer

If I could meet any one person in one of these jobs, it would be a man in his late thirties, who is very rude. He comes from a wealthy background, lives in a terraced house and tends to a huge collection of pot plants.

Some Random Words to Ponder

train exploit loud worm tickle petite beer frustrate
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